Wednesday, September 13, 2006


After using this blog a little, I have learned that there is an etiquette to 'borrowing' pictures. I should apologise for not doing this properly in the past. Now, though, I'm going to pinch a few pictures to show a few more bent top tube bikes. I just love 'em.

A recent thread on mtbr discussed dropped top tubes and a
further opinion piece was provided by g-ted. My thoughts are simple: with proper design and the luxury of custom, quality manufacture, if I have my druthers, I'll go for super sloping top tubes every day of the week. They increase standover, and allow added compliance from the seat pin. Also, it looks sweet.

First a baby blue bombshell from Quiring Cycles. This one is from J-Rad.

Scott Quiring is a bomber fast racer, who at one time raced for Slingshot bikes. His site is cool, and his bikes well worth a look.

The next belongs to a lady by the name of Shontell, a Willits Brand with dual curved top and down tubes for clearance of forks and standover. Typically beautiful Willits craftsmanship. If you ride or are interested in 29"ers, Wes Williams of Willits Brand is someone you should know about.

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Chreestoopah said...

Want a photo of Jac's Boinger Juliana? : )

Not sure about the aesthetics of the bent TT... Function-wise its hard to argue when its needed.

Weather news: I guess autumn has arrived... Damned if I can remember how to ride wet slippy rocky rooty stuff...

: )