Thursday, June 01, 2006

Its not just bikers.

Seems access and the use of cheeky-ness is not limited to bikers (well, I guess that was something you knew, riiiiiiiiiight?).

Dean is a *magical* climber, really. As an occasional climber myself I can see some of the issues here...the way I deal with it on the bike is most often 'does this feel ok to me?' and if it does I tend to ride. Not sure if i need to re-evaluate.

BTW Merida. Shaggy an astonishing 15th, if my spreadsheet work is right, me 51st. I can't really complain about that given the snooze 3/4 of the way around.

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wolfy said...

"I don't have to bow down and apologize for doing what I did just because you have an opinion that's counter to it." -Sounds like something a pedophile would say.