Wednesday, November 16, 2005


What you see below is a custom Strong Frames ti mtb. It has discs and 700c road wheel compatibility. That-there is nearly what is about to happen to my Seven singlespeed. Differences? I just received some Paul cantilever brake levers through the post, which with the moto-bmx brakes will allow use of 700c wheels with 26" v brake placement...Neat, eh?


marty said...

nicest bike on here for a while. ;)

just needs salsa bell laps...

Anonymous said...

nicest colour of grey anyway.

: )

Mind and future proof it with some neat&discreet hose guides down the bottom of the downtube - 2 for a rohloff, one for a rear disk.

'Dear Santa...'

- Chris

dRjON said...

not sure santa has the budget....


future proof? hmm, it just never seems to lead to longevity eh?