Tuesday, November 08, 2005

On not riding

Here we go again. The monsoon season has struck and the riding has reduced to a mere trickle like some sort of cosmic compensation. Too many tasks to do, too tired and too damn wet outside. The trails are pulverised (I think, I have only ridden 3.5 hours in the last 4 weeks so what would I know), the fitness is draining out of my legs as blood from a broken heart.

It is too early to look forward to the reincarnation of spring. Too early for commiseration, or understanding. I must simply try and get my teeth in to the protracted cross season and pray my shriveled, desperate carcass survives.

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marty said...

somewhat superceded by the most recent post, but you give up too easily on scottish "winter" conditions. look at the image on p77 of the current C+. west is not best when it comes to winter riding.

could suggest a number of rides in the east* which can give you time in saddle and technical challenge. might be wet and muddy, but probably not damaging to trail, bike or person.

* look at OS LR73 for starters.

when it comes to the hypothermia - i've only been hypothermic once, round beinn a ghlo in spring, when burn crossings were bawdeep. poor clothing and decision making put me at risk. both sortable.