Monday, August 08, 2005

View from the tree line

Went for a ride today. Just a ride. Not a race, an expedition and there was no agenda other than to enjoy myself. Sometimes I am guilty of going for a ride 'in order to do something'. Either do a certain distance, perhaps as training or a certain route in order to try and connect up a loop I have been eying on a map. I have even been known to go and practice certain things, for example technical root riding in the wet, or fast narrow singletrack if I have avoided it for too long.

Today I just went for a bike ride.

It was splendid. I rode near Aberfoyle, a small town in the Trossachs of Scotland. It was super dry and dusty - my ideal riding conditions. I rode for (only) 2 and a half hours. It flew by. I stopped to look at Loch Drunkie which was dappled with sunlight. I stopped to look at the 3 Beinns visible all with bright green on their steep flanks. I never forced the pace and I tried to stop the competitive 'must go faster, further' urges.

I think I enjoyed myself.

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