Monday, August 29, 2005

Back in the saddle

Back from the U S of A. What a trip...

Started by driving through the near endless Forrest from Newark Airport to State college, stopping off at various wee places (including the Straub brewery - fantastic beer). Then took part in the random happenings and general lovely/reckless bike race that was the singlespeed worlds. Hooked up with great old friends and made lots of new ones. More on this episode later.

then to New York. A very pleasant time with visits to the Statue of Liberty and Ground Zero. The latter had such a sobering air. An atmosphere of loss, community, courage and optimisim which seems to have pulled the inhabitants of New York closer together. Really real, and really emotional.

Back out on the niner today after rolling around on my 26 inch wheel bike while USA side. 4 hours to get the legs working after the plane-crush acting as early prep for the Ruthin round of the Merida 100km race in 3 weeks.

All good. Will be returning to some of these items in more depth shortly. Soon.

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