Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Doing sums....

So: rumour is a 35c 700c tyre will work in the rear of an Xtracycle...thats about 692mm overall diameter.  But 35c is no good for rough roads and a load. So what to do? On the one hand 26" is strongest (of the viable alternatives). But, 650b rolls betterer and gives me better gears with the cassettes  i can use (this build will be last issue Saint mech and 1x9).

I have cross tyres that are nominally 35c as well that go about 695mm diameter on Stans 355 rims. I have a quasi moto on an arch that is 697mm diameter and a neo moto on a P35 that is 699mm diameter.

At present the build is: old school Kelly RoShamBo with a Moonlander fork, Xtracycle, GMG Yepp seat for the bairn, and a rear DT 350 centrelock/DT comp/DT prolock/Pacenti DL31 rim and quasimoto wheel build...front is going to be a Paul Comp rear hub, and i'll probably pull the A317 rim in favour of something beefier.....we'll see.

I will (of course) report back. Should be good.

1x9, old style saint mech and an old man huffing and puffing his daughter to nursery....

On a side note, once you get looking at bikes that are there to do more than just be fun to ride, you could get pretty hooked. Check this out:

Core 77 coverage of Oregon Manifest.


Jason said...

Jon, have some 650b fit results, in short:

650bx37 continental tour ride = easy fit, ~15mm clear at the rear x-member.

650bx2.3 pacenti neo-moto = no, but just barely. The lugs on the tire contact the rear x-member, but not the casing. Good bet that a 2.1 neo or quasi-moto would fit.

Tires are mounted on a relatively narrow araya rm-17 700d rim from ~92 off my tandem. A wider rim to spread te tire out would help with fit. I've got pictures, send me an email and I'll forward them to you.

dRjON said...

that sounds good news indeed! im not sure i have your email address... but mine is velopest at yah00 dot com thanks muchly!