Monday, March 19, 2012

Shit happens.

The rain had gone. The Maul was beckoning me mischievously. Lack of fitness be damned: i knew i had to get out on the race bike and see if i could create the horsepower necessary to do it justice.

If you've read this blog much you'll probably know that recently i picked up a weapons grade race machine from Sean at Vertigo cycles. Then i basically stopped riding for several months!....the purpose remains the same for this bike tho' - A to B as fast as possible.

As soon as i clicked the pedals i wanted to sprint. And i did. Over roots, rocks, through the odd patch of mud, up, down around. For an hour and a half i let my ragged breathing and painful muscles hold this machine back from what it really wanted. To put everything into play and fully open the throttle.

I must get fitter. I must.

Then i popped into the air over a small dry stane dyke that had collapsed over the years and square edged the rear wheel. As i went into the sharp right and roosted so aggressively only Greg Herbold would have approved, i knew the rear tyre was going flat. Crap.

Then i realised i didn't have my pump.

Damn. I did have my Genuine Innovations gas and inflator unit though. I got to about 15 psi and then the seal blew on my inflator....It has sat wet in bags and packs for years, so it doesn't owe me anything. I turned tail and headed home....10 more psi and i would have had to make a decision.

That bike is incredible....


Anonymous said...

How absorbent or harsh is that fork on the Vertigo

dRjON said...

its pretty good mix, not a noodle, but ver manageable on rough stuff....i like it.