Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I trained for 10 years to do the job i do. does that count for my 10,000 hours to make an expert? Hardly! Sometimes, i come into work and just shake my head at the strangeness of it all. Over recent years, the health of the general populace in the UK has improved out of all recognition: very little of my time is taken up with actual pathology these days...there are lots of theories why this is, but there is no doubt it is happening. What floods in like a tidal wave to fill the vacuum left by physical ill health is worry. I'm not sure how well i have been equipped to put up with the quagmire that has formed as a result.

I suppose when this sort of thing starts to lap against the hull of my existence, i try to find a reason to jump on a bike. The more involving a trail the better. It is no secret that i love riding the rocks and roots and the East Coast of the USA, and Virginia in particular, is a great favourite.

I follow several blogs of riders from that area...it helps fill in the gaps between my dose of 'gnarl'. Nate Shearer keeps one of the blogs i like the most. Excellent photography is mixed with interesting philosophy. Recently he uploaded a video of riding in the area of Short Mountain. I try not to re-post stuff, but this is WELL worth it...i *think* there might even be a Hugh Jass appearance in there somewhere. Enjoy - this *is* a reason to be cheerful.

Pwappa Relaxcyling on Short Mountain with Spaghettilegs from Scott Wootten on Vimeo.

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