Sunday, April 17, 2011

e thirteen.

I've been pretty happy with the xc style chainguides i have been using. The e13 a little more than the mrp. i love the adjustability and construction of the Paul, but havent needed it - yet.

However, recently on BA i've been noticing that the guide is rotating occasionally, i presume as it gets knocked. When the frame was being made i asked sean to add an ISCG mount at the last minute...and i'm glad i did. I fitted an e13 LG1+ today. It took all of 5 minutes. It lined up incredibly easily, and is considerably stiffer in the 'yank it in the bike stand' test.

Initially i am going to run just the top section, though i might well add the taco and roller at a later date...we'll see.

Sea Otter is on, and theres some sweet looking stuff appearing. I see on Bikerumor that they are releasing a 1x10 sort of inbetween-ish guide aimed at rougher/1x10 riding - the LG 1 trail. Cool.

Now all i need to get out into the woods and RIDE.


davechopoptions said...

Monday night?

After being in the SECC all w/end, I need to get out!!

martinh said...

I ran the MRP x1 on my first attempt at 1x6 but have now moved on to a Straitline silent chain guide. It is minimalist and surprisingly quiet.

I wish all hardtails came with ISCG. Too many manufacturers seem to think of them as a downhill speciality.

Nick said...

Run an inner ring and derailleur for less weight and more gear options FFS. Even if you never use the inner ring you're still saving weight.

dRjON said...

cant run a front mech on my mount, offset seat tube, and probably pretty minimal clearance ( though sean got one to work on his)... fwiw i did 3 munros today with little issue on the 36 - 11-34..sweet as....and never missed a beat shifting :-)~

Nick said...

Run an inner ring and no mech. Pick chain up if it drops Crane Brothers stylee. Saw the Munros pictures. Must get up to Scotland for some wild riding but being self-employed has killed my risk taking. I now descend like an arse.