Friday, April 08, 2011

Desert rock in glasgow.

Kyuss lives! have risen from the ashes of Kyuss. They are touring at the moment and this is clearly causing an awful lot of exitement in those-who-are-prone-to-flashing-the-devil's-horns. So it was that on a monday evening i jumped on my trusty bike-that-kills-hipsters. Ok technically, it doesnt, but i feel the need to justify owning a brooklyn machine works. Ok i dont, as its a bomber commuter. Anyway, back to the point of this rambling. The gig venue was the ABC on Sauchiehall street. Now if you have ever been to glasgow, you may well have spent some time avoiding trouble on Sauchiehall street. Even on a monday. Sauchiehall street is the sort of place that if you leave a bike locked up, some neanderthal is likely to just kick it to a broken pile just 'cos its there. So. I had to make a plan.

Fortunately there is an art house cinema at the top of Sauchiehall street. I figured there was at least a 75% chance there would be hipster-types watching an art house film there. They would be coming and going at about the time pubs receive and discharge the clientele. A fierce horde of art house-hipster-types are likely to protect my bike that for one evening wont try to kill any hipsters. Right? Right.

So it went.

Kyuss lives! lived up to the dream. It was a pretty wild night and i am guessing that there were a lot of folk who missed work, the majority of the morning and/or needed a heavy dose of painkillers on tuesday. I'm old now, and sad to say i wore earplugs and avoided the mosh pit. Ok, less of a mosh pit, more of a mosh room. I've made the mistake of getting involved before and the following few days are always a nightmare of neck spasm and ear ringing.

I might have been sad - but i *did* spot one fellow wearing glow in the dark ear plugs. Ha! dweeeb!

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