Friday, February 04, 2011

Obama & Mubarak.

*Why* was Obama's administration supporting Mubarak in his political, if not physical, death throes? Could it have something to do with the $1.3 billion that currently primarily goes to the Egyptian military, whose commander is long term Mubarak supporter and was in Washington when the uprising began?

Why support the appointment of Suleiman as 'Vice" President? He was Egypt's chief negotiator with Israel and a senior intelligence officer. Hmmm.

And is it true that the US' Mobile Forces Reserve are providing hardware to Mubarak's men to help quash the uprising of a persecuted people?

Is this truly a fear of the Muslim Brotherhood? or is it about money?

Yet another measure of the West's disgraceful record in the Middle East.

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Raouligan said...

Jon so cynical you can relax now though that William Hague is touting the region for whatever he can manage to sell for the UK arms firms ;0)