Thursday, February 10, 2011

Benighted, belated and beleaguered ...

So much stuff....Daisy, daisy how does your gahden grow? (gahden green of course!) Our baby is now twice the mass she used to be. In just 12 weeks she has doubled. If you think about it that is quite a feat. She does so much that she didnt do before its a full blown advertisement for the miracle that is the human brain. It is also a salutary lesson that i should use mine a bit more as well. Damn it, there must be some circuitry still working, right?

We travelled to the south of England by plane recently. She took it in her stride, and i am glad to say trina and me did too....which was encouraging, as there are plans for travel further afield shortly. More on that later. It was the most i'd laughed and smiled in a *looong* time and that is priceless.

Cooking lots of tex mex. Trying to sleep - but beset by a wicked case of insomnia. Dealing with work, which has been all encompassing. Pretending i'm still a bike rider and desperately clinging to the last remnants of form. So much more than any other year, i NEED spring. I NEED a good (ish, i'll settle for ish) summer.

Sleeping bag research for planned bivis (i spent most of the previous trips a little cold). Collecting ti bits for bikes. Listening to rock and roll.

And trying to sleep.


Happy birthday E. Hope it was a double digit classic day.

Just cos i havent heard it in years.

And lastly for this contact: the owls are not what they seem....


shandcycles said...

surely that's a penguin?

badger dave said...

that picture made me laugh!

clinical phase starts at the end of the month, any tips welcomed