Saturday, December 04, 2010

SSWC '11

Taking a quick break from baby duties to bring you this news-not-quite-flash-anymore. SSWC '11, Ireland.

Facebook page here.


On a personal front, its been scream, puke, eat, poo, scream, puke, eat, poo repeated...

So. Tired.

It reminds me of when i used to work in hospitals, 70-100 hour weeks, paged at all hours, you felt like your life wasn't your own - i s'pose thats because it wasnt. She's lovely, but she certainly demands attention!...


I'm not really gay said...

and hows Daisy doing ?


martysavalas said...


SSWC same time as Eurobike. Bggr.

aunty R said...

hee hee... welcome to the world of parenthood!