Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Pork an' beans.

Got some good advice from some of ma peeps on barbecue technique. Theres obviously not a lot of aussie man in me, as i was struggling with my weber. Still, got it going eventually: good flavour and succulence on the meat. Mixed it up with some pork an' beans.

Sort of. Heres a w.park kerr mix for your beans and meat and rice supper. Sounds simple tastes supreme, especially with a lump of meat and a Pale Ale....

Cook some rice. My technique is pretty simple, white organic or mix white and brown basmati, put in a jug and pour water in until you have about double the volume of the rice. Then dump in a thick bottom pan with a teaspoon of salt flakes. use a little water to rinse the remaining grains from the jug, and pour into pan - in total you're aiming for about 120% water to rice...gottit?

Ok. bring to just shy of rolling boil, and take down to minimum simmer with lid on. Leave for 12 mins and then switch off. Do not open the lid at any point unless you think there is a major issue. Set aside.

Get some good quality italian pork sausage (uncooked, skin removed) and crumble it into another thick bottom pan, then cook on a low heat....til its browning. add a big, chopped yellow onion, some good chile powder, ideally chimayo or similar new mexico style, 3-4 cloves garlic chopped up, some dried oregano, toasted cumin seeds ground up,

Then you want to crack open another beer....

Add a little oil if the sausage was light on the fat and cook it down for a few minutes. When the onions are beginning to go a little soft, add two cans of kidney beans, drained and 250-350 ml of chicken stock and a can of tomatoes chopped up in their juices.

If you can, roast some green chiles over a naked flame, skin, chop and add. Or you could just use some chopped, dried-off pickled chiles. Reduce everything down (including your beer) over a brisk heat, stirring the goeey stuff off the bottom of the pan, but try not to mush the beans.

Grab another beer. Sit down with your lady, spoon out some of the now cooled, dry, rice, and some pork an' beans over the top. Carve off some meat.Maybe some 'slaw. Enjoy.


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hmmmm. I'm hungry now.

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Tried it last night. It was lovely