Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Aint got nuttin.

Spent this afternoon getting my legs kneaded and pummelled. I think folk who dont get a decent (sports) massage somehow misinterpret that it will be a 'nice' experience.

Its not that it isnt 'nice': more that it hurts. A lot. Especially if you havent had one for a while. My mileage has upped considerably witht e coming of the sun, and being out on the skeletor has added a new body position to get used to. So lets just say my legs are tight. Marbles under the skin tight.

Anyway, ill hobble around this evening then things should be loosening up for bristol bike fest. Last year i (think) i was 5th overall in the solo...but with the overnight drive down, i doubt thats going to be realistic. Also i seem to be in the singlespeed class. My aim is to spend the first few laps enjoying the course, and if its going well, give 'errrrr, if not keep it tight but loose...

As its a race i'm going to try out a race tyre. Ive been playing around with tyrs recently. 2.4 Schwalbe Racing Ralphs were briefly mounted, but we didnt get on too well. Back to soft compound cross marks rear and mountain king front for its great edge.

Then this arrived at just riding along.....

590g and the sidewalls seem to have some meat to them....As long as i avoid thorns i should be golden.....


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