Thursday, March 04, 2010


Things have been sort of dense lately. Packed in. A lot of stuff with not much space around the side. Weather, work, riding, all sorts of things.

Anyways. I finally blew a fuse today on the way to work. All 1/4 of a mile of the journey. I drove to work today, as i was doing house calls. The roads are something i usually skim over rather than sit 'in' but thats the beauty of a bike eh?

Three times on the way to work i was exasperated at the selfishness of drivers. Aiming for that gap, even if it means others can't pass. Or pulling out of side streets whilst forcing anohter to brake hard to avoid a collision: "sorry! but i was in a rush!". Yeah. Right.

Then of course there is the classic amber - oonot quite its red now!- gambler. All to get stopped at the next light that is 200 yards further down the street anyway.

What the hell is wrong with these people? And that does nothing to explain the turmoil in the carpark at work. People parked on the grass, half way infront of others or completely in front of others 'because im only going to be 5 minutes'. Yeah yeah yeah. To gain what? a 50 yard shorter walk to the front of the health centre. Please.

Anyway, ill stop whingeing while im only slightly less than ahead...

heres an interesting read: Bohemian cycles on bamboo.

Heres another interesting read: a considered legal opinion of 'sorry, mate i didnt see you!": its not a defence, its an indictment. This needs shouted from the rooftops.

What else?

Cane Creek to make a headset that addresses a *lot* of issues for modern frames. My opinion: This headtube/headset interface will be the optimum choice for most bikes that are ridden off road from now on.

Token NAHBS pic? a really lovely Quiring. It hits the scales at just under 20lbs and looks fast. He can build as well as he raced!

Pic from a good gallery: from cycles deOro.


Vertigo Cycles said...

sorry you had a rough day. stay safe out there.

badger dave said...

If everyone rode a bike to work once a week the roads would be a lot nicer and safer.

How goes GP training?

That carpark scares me and I've only ever walked through it.

Anonymous said...

Cane Creek to make a headset that addresses a *lot* of issues for modern frames

It's not the frame, it's the forks. Waving.