Friday, March 12, 2010

Self harm.

So a report on radio 4 this morning suggested that the incidence of self harm hospitalisations had increased by 50% over the last 2 years. Conveniently, it never mentioned whether the ACTUAL incidence of self harm had increased - just that more people were going to hospital. Still its not good. Why would people want to harm themselves?

In the same program mention was made of a new gallic phenomenon - the French youth - some as young as 12 years old - taking up 'Le Binge' drinking. Copying the UK?

Why are the youth so visibly disaffected? Could it be (as reported)the growing number of websites looking at self harm with (gasp!) pictures and real life stories?

Lets look at the rest of the news this morning. The brutality of the killing in Nigeria. Biden (with no clear self consciousness) calling for the Palestinians and Israel to re-enter talks even as Israel plans and builds more housing in the occupied territories - despite impotent international condemnation. The refusal of the saintly Obama to recognise the 1915 Armenian Genocide (do you read robert fisk in the independent? you should - heres a quote thats worth chewing on "Perhaps it's worth remembering that in 1939, Hitler asked his generals – before setting off into Poland to murder the millions of Jews in eastern Europe – a simple question: "Who now remembers the Armenians?" Well, Hitler got the answer he would have wanted from Obama this week.")

What else? The collapse of modern banking? The ruination of pensions? The lying and stealing of British politicians all to make a quick buck. Teachers who are members of the BNP and angelic Mark Owen admitting to at least 10 affairs despite having married the only woman for him. OMG - OMG!

So these young people who are drinking and fighting and hurting themselves - truly, is it ANY wonder?

What do they have to aspire to? The readily accessible stream of information and bullshit shows them, quite plainly, that no matter how hard they try the odds are high that their future holds nothing but financial worry, dishonesty and unhappiness. Perchance to dream...just as for Hamlet....where can one find the truth that justifies our actions?

I truly dont know the answer to that question. I dont think i ever will.

Burn those beards....


robert said...

Same as it ever was Doc.
Humans will be humans.

badger dave said...

You've just got to hope that little by little we convince one other that we're worth the hurt.

Tim said...

Nail on head!

Theres so much pressure on 15/16 year olds its unreal.

Basically, you are forced into the the corner of making decisions that will affect the rest of your life, with no real knowledge of the impact of these decisions. Fail an exam? Lifes over...

And looking into the outside world - there is nothing really to aspire too.

Not enough jobs, no job security and no clear way to progress unless you are lucky or have a silver spoon

Plus if you have some savings, theres a good chance that the economy will go under again and you'll loose all of it.

Every figure of standing appears to be crooked - politicians, policeman

There is no ethical standpoint of any political parties, they are all are seemingly out for their own gain.

Sport doesnt have the appeal like it used to - it's become completeley detached from normal life.

Add on top of this the spectre of energy wars (Iraq and Afghanistan et al), a ruined environment and the fact that the current older generantions dont seem to care that there is not a lot left for the current and future generations... i'm surprised more of us arent in hospital !