Tuesday, October 06, 2009

End of season: mind wandering.

Hokay: here we are at the end of the mtb season as it were. Yes, there will be lots of muddy wet slippery and nadgery riding. Yes there is 'cross. But looooong off-road rides are probably nearly done for the year.

On reflection, i cant seem to shake the notion i want to add a feather to my boa. Sort of try something new. I was talking to my friend Mr Vitch at the sswc in durango and he was telling me he'd been downhilling on a borrowed bike a couple of times. As in full on big stuff. That got some cogs rolling.

Then there is the influence of Dan's chats about mega avalanche style racing and lately the Trans Provence.


There is an increasing move towards endurance downhill racing. There is the fall tilt in telluride and, closer to home, the no fuss endurance downhill. Then there are super d's etc.

Even nico vouilloz has come out of semi-retirement to race these type of events.

Of course, i dont think a rigid singlespeed would cut it. Nah, im thinking 5 or 6...a la jeff/nico.

And maybe a dual suspension bike...there are a few with 29" wheels this year that are worth a second and third look...

Santa Cruz tallboy.

Intense Tracer 29.

Turner Sultan.


badger dave said...

Chops hi-fi?

Chipps said...
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Shaggy said...

I'd have thought you'd be a Lenz man!

muddytrail said...

You don't want a full sus! How about a Banshee Paradox??

Anonymous said...

have you ridden a modern DH course? do many DHers use 29ers? use it if better, otherwise it's dogma, dude. dogma.

dRjON said...

anonymous: i think im probably not going to be into full on downhill. sort of downhill 'light' or perhaps 'very light' --hence 4-5" type stuff.

Col said...

In addition to the mega races and the No Fuss events you should come over to Ireland and try the Epic Blast next year, great "fun"


dave (chops optional) said...

I've just taken delivery of a Roscoe. I think you'll like it. Wee wheels aye, but Butch, Confident, Light, Stable yet Playful and Manouverable. With superb suspension action. The complete opposite of the HiFi 29'er in terms of Twang!
I wanted to want a Rumblefish as it could/should be a fun and capable bike, but a 70 degree HA is wrong wrong wrong on a bike like that. Fuck - I sound like Paul Fucking Burwell. Cock.

Nick said...

Achievable Rad

Nick said...