Monday, October 26, 2009

700 posts, and still waffling.


Anyway. Gretna Bikes have a product called a Rothrocker. I'm guessing this is named for the forest near State College, PA, that is home to some awesome trails.
The bike is basically a steel front triangle, with a carbon fibre rear stay assembly bolted on.

The twist is that the stay behaves a little like a leaf spring. It should offer good lateral stiffness, with a fair amount of bump absorption and as a bonus be easy to travel with ... cool eh?


badger dave said...

almost a thousand and we're still coming back for more, here's to the next 700

chrisD said...

keep up the sterling work, not sure about a carbon rear end, the stuff is clever but the durability is a real issue

BUCK said...

I saw 26" versions of this bike a few years ago.Bergwerks I think??? Designed by a Penn State Grad/Mountain Biker. Jed Shober I think??

Kinda cool eh?


brant@shedfire said...

Hmm. Mostly undamped spring. Could be interesting. Good to see flexy stays taken to the extreme though.