Monday, December 01, 2008


Raced at plean. One of my favourite courses. Fast, twisty, through the trees. Even better, it was cold. As in c o l d. Minus 5. Needless to say the slack babbath t (sleevless, natch) was the purrrfect choice. Dunno where i came yet. If you separate the seniors out from the vets and juniors and women, im sitting in 10th for the season. Happy enough with week - the champs in dundee. The tache is nearly there...i think i might keep it at this rate.

I used some embrocation at the week end. Good timing for that purchase eh? Its pretty good indeed. Infact, i'd say its indispensable for the winter rider....

The day prior i made a new chilli con carne. Pretty simple, so i'll run through it here. Worth a try. Cook onions slowly. I used a mix of bacon fat and olive oil, which worked well. Add good quality beef mince. For 4 people id use 2 good size onions and 500g meat. Then, colour the meat, add mexican or normal oregano, some heated and ground cumin to taste and chilli powder. The recipe calls for quite a lot - half a cup. I used slightly less with success. Then a cup of beef stock, 3 cans of beans (i used 2 black beans, and 1 baked beans) and some tomato or passata - maybe 400g or so. A healthy table spoon of brown sugar and a few glugs of red wine vinegar.

Cook it down for maybe 1/2 an hour and have with corn tortillas and a fresh salsa (in this instance evil jungle prince - mint, cucumber, radish, habanero, white onion, tomato and cilantro doused in some lime juice) or maybe rice.



Anonymous said...

try chocolate instead of sugar!

martysavalas said...

heated=toasted, yes?

update 8th.

jacquie phelan said...

I raced in Netherlands 15 yrs ago, and the overpowering embrocation aroma led me to write a column called Peloton Perfume.
It was WILD. Like a sauna/lockerroom/hospital smell. Well, a little better than that. Guid enugh to want to say something nice for about 900 words.