Saturday, December 20, 2008

Peace, love and death metal.

I know you love it, so - eagles of death metal are touring next march in the uk.

We saw Gogol Bordello last night. My ears may recover, and its true to say the gypsy punks from the lower east side via ukraine are tremendously entertaining. Catch em if you can.

After mull, it took a fair amount of time to reaquaint with this time zone. Nevertheless, we are finally beginning to see a slight drop in demand at the surgery, which is good. Its like a pile driver at the moment. Always is at this time of year.

Riding? PAH! not a bit, though the pacenti neo moto and the equalizer rim arrived c/o Kirk Pacenti and they are a nice combo. It should pull the fixed/fat back a little as its a trifle slow steering at the moment. Not so much on account of geometry, more as the enormous contact patch creates enough steering drag when turning that a 1/2 degree more head angle will help.

Really liking the fixed off road. I guess its mostly people like Tomi of cog fame, and the harrisonburg massif (the old hugh jass lives on) and endurance man dave nice who have inspired this. Also, it will give me a chance to enjoy slow and slippy, technical rides in winter that would usually become a little dull.

Ive ridden those trails and they are fun. Riding them fixed? you have to see it.

Anja is staying at the moment, having finished her tenancy and being pre a london move. She dominated the socttish female riding scene, and now shes comin' to gitcha. We'll all miss her, but its one of those things isnt it? having friends all around the world is a beautiful thing.

Im eagerly watching jeff's blog at the moment. Things seem to be pretty dynamic there and, in keeping with a lot of folks i know, moving towards 'bike-packing' type riding is becoming the thing. Check the truss fork bags. Ace.

Feel the need to rest and relax. Soon i will spend a bit of time with friends in ardnamurchan. A remote spot on the west coast of scotland, ill try and gather some thoughts, make some plans and try and read some books that might inspire me. There doesnt seem to have been any time to take stock, let alone sit still, for so long now im not even sure i know how to do it anymore.

So. enjoy the coming week as things (hopefully) wind down to geamhradh proper and we try and get everything sorted for the puffer.

Physics? dont need no stinking physics...


badger dave said...

anja's away soon! need to get a beer with everyone before dispersal,i shall shout at chops till he stops working and comes to the pub :)

Dean said...

EoDM booked - thank you!