Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Fine, fine coffee.

Lots to post about. Dambala thoughts, the last 2 cross races, several books, kit i've been using and assorted random things.

But its too early for all that. So i'm going to finish supping on my cup of WC Clarke's finest coffee, a gift from my good friend jimbo from mt nittany wheelworks.

Truly, i cant wait to be over there again...and it may not be that long. The sswc confirmed for 23-24th august, shenandoah is the next week end. It would be churlish not to eh?


Anonymous said...

Hi - possibly looking for a Dambala - notice yours is a 17" - was it from Sideways? Trying to find a frame with a short ett to run with midges and it fits the bill, but no-one has any. If you think of selling let me know!

Mamtha said...

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