Thursday, November 01, 2007

Bivi selection.

The IF camper bike is ordered, or at least as near as dammit, so kit selection is coming to the forefront. Im going to fit old man mountain cold springs racks front and rear, the fat bikes frame bag and use a small ruck sack. That should allow good weight distribution with no high load focus anywhere on me or the bike.

Then there is kit for me. At present i have a pretty light set up. Overnighting is easily possible with ~ 33 litres in a MacPac. However, im wondering if i can go even lighter/tighter. The terra nova jupiter bivi has caught my attention. Made from goretex, with a single pole in order to lift the material from your face, and with a bug net, it has all the right features whilst weighing only 900g. about 600g less than my mountain marathon tent. We'll see....

Ti kettle and spork, msr stove and gas, water im thinking should be directly drinkable or use iodine. Sleep bag, thermarest (3/4) clothes, some food, bob;s yer uncle.

So: it looks like this spring coming will see the long schemed over and eagerly anticipated overnight bike rides.

Need to know more?

details, details


this one guy said...

bikecamping = fun. keep us posted on your bivy research; we're innerested. pictures of the bike when you get it set up?

Clink said...

The latest Terra Nova mountain marathon tent (lazer Comp I think) is only about 900g - and much more roomy than a hoooped bivi.

Clink said...

crikey - they have produced an even lighter version!

Dave said...

Overnighters are the future, nothing feels better than falling asleep looking up at the stars.