Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Rat Race

The Marquis of Darkness and muskateers Jack and Andy recently completed the Edinburgh urban Rat Race in an amazing 18th place. This over the 2 day and multiple venue climbing/running/biking/map work/rafting and via ferrata course. Top work youse guys...

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Chris said...

Correction: was not mikey on the team, Andy wanted some results this year so he got rid of the dead wood ; ) Other musketeer is a lovely chap called Jack Fasham. I think there is a good pic of we 3 crossing the finish line on the sleepmonsters gallery website.

T'was more brutal than a brutal thing and we were still a couple of hours down on the proper scary fit fckers...

Good fun though and slick operation. Got a buff and A FRISBEE in the schwag bag. Ace!

Do one.