Thursday, July 13, 2006

In on the kill taker.

This post brought to you by insomnia, Fugazi and coffee.

2 ideas have kept me from sleeping the last couple of nights. So today was a day of action.

First: I have a pile of 26" wheel stuff lying around. It's either sell, bin, give or store. So: I decided to speak to Tim at Sideways Cycles and a shiney red 14" Voodoo Wanga one is on its way to us as we speak...built up with some light parts and wheels it should make a sweet bike for Trina to try...theme is Darth Maul. It will be interesting to see what the ride is like. Its a small package but Joe Murray always did design the sweetest bikes.

Second: all I'm going to say at this time is I am going to be circulating some plans soon for a project I am going to call 'Pirate Bike'.

Give me a month and I'll give you more...


Anonymous said...

Yay! You'll have to come and try out your new bike in Bristol soon Trina! ;)
It sounds ace.
Mel x

singlespeedwidow said...

It sounds so good I might actually have to ride it - unlike my old bike which I am giving to my brother.

Bristol sounds good - we can sort out a weekend after the worlds.