Friday, May 26, 2006


Beloved of agitators from Paris to L.A.

So my IF will be plain ti. Then I saw candy absinthe.


Anonymous said...

do this thing.

That is a lovely colour... (and the back end is still gr[a,e]y...

- chris

Jo said...

blingy titanium and carbon with carbon Campag, all topped off nicely with a saddle-bag the size of Devon (with uber-reflective features, natch), a bar-end mirror, a crappily top-tube mounted pump (with a nasty strap no less), tasteless mid-80s bar-tape, an in-line post with the saddle all the way forward, and inches, nay, feet of spare brake cable fluttering in the breeze


can you turd a polish?

oh, and Shimano pedals, Shimano pedals, on a Campag bike, Shimano!

the colour's sh1t too

(goes for lie down)

dRjON said...

giggle..set up needs to be ignored when one visits the usa i suspect...

Simon said...

Chainstays need to be painted and there isn't enough Shimano present.