Sunday, September 25, 2005

Old Man

Just back from Aviemore. A long day driving, but it was worth it. Today was the Scottish XC series race at Badaguish ( say BAH-dooish) which is where the Telly Savalas Players' put on the SSEC in 2004. The course rocks, and I had to go despite the driving and packing logistics...

I'm glad I did. It was a beautiful sunny day and the ride to the race course was worth it in itself. Met up with Marty and Susan who were in super form and then kicked off the race. After the first climb I managed to squeeze into something like sixth spot, due to the biggish gear I run on my singlespeed. I then found I could gap people fairly easily on the technical trails and managed to pop up to third by the middle of lap two.

By the end of lap three I held the lead and was able to put some hurt on the guy in second, with the guy in third drifting back slightly, the only issue was the longish fireroad drag back to the finish area. The question was: could I put enough time between myself and him to stop him clicking up a gear or 2 and zipping past in the last 100m. The lap went ok. I took a header and have an elbow the size of a lime, and then smacked a tree pretty good. Alas although I forced a gap, I couldn't find enough to stop him reeling me in and then popping by to leave me in second. All power to him really, it is a race after all.

Was thinking of the other boys today as they were all at the 3 peaks...Now that is a toughee. No doubt a report will come.

Off to have a wee beer and order a new helmet. As I rode back to the car it must have fallen from my ruck sack and from there - who knows. Two hours of searching showed up nothing.

As a side note. Rothiemurchas Estate was as beatific as ever. A truly amazing place.

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