Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Last Merida 100km race

The last Merida 100km race for the season was this week end. It was very tough, with nearly 3000m of steep climbing and a profusion of technical riding interspersed with tricky, slippery muddy singletracks and some road sections. All in all, a worthy season final. Infact I think it was the toughest of them all this year.

I was doing pretty well until the last quarter of the race when the ascent total and the moderate/high gear I use combined to leave me suffering. Being awoken at 5am by ducks did little to help, but the physical challenge was the main factor.

I raced in Kenwood colours- gold - the last before john's shop Kenwood Cyclery closed this July. I was proud to be flying the flag and I will post a pic or two when they become available.

A few problems on returning home left me with 2 nights of very little sleep again, and to be honest I'm feeling lived in. It will be a week of early nights I hope to try and catch up and get on my game again. We'll see.

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