Sunday, April 15, 2012

It is time.

"A process cannot be understood by stopping it. Understanding must move with the flow of the process, must join it and flow with it."

Yeah. What he said. So i dug out the bikepacking bags and remembered how to strap them up.

A plan is afoot. Sometime soon. Maybe the train. Maybe the East Highland Way. Maybe something closer. Who knows? it's all part of the process...

2 comments: said...

East Highland way is pisher than a pish thing. don't do it there's many other routes worth doing.
If you fancy give us a shout and we could lend you a boat and go on a bikerafting/packing trip? We have just been up to Loch Maree to check out some uber adventure.

dRjON said...

id wondered how it would be....ta for heads up....saw you'd been packrafting....looking good andy!