Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Landing on my feet.

Chronic indecision or inability to commit? same thing? who knows. I decided for many reasons that, initially at least, i would mount the evt right hand to a wheeled trolley of sorts. Yet again, a huge debt of gratitude to Sean at vertigo cycles for fabbing the carrier for the right hand that allows me such versatility.

I had access to an engine stand, and with a bit of modification and a large lump of wood i had a mocked up stand. This allowed me to decide on the height i needed in the additional upright, and from here the plan was to make the extension to the clarkes engine stand with steel. Hey, its metal right?


Next was finding some metal stout enough for the job in question. With some excellent advice, 50x50mm was the aim and after poking around a little i found a merchant in Glasgow. I phoned and was told that they didnt cater to such a small order. Hmmm....more metal?

They did give me a number for a place around the corner from work though, called Scott Associates. Turns out i'd seen a couple of the guys who work there commute in by bike...i popped round and after an interesting chat about the projects they were involved in, including work for the winner of this years Turner art prize, i was able to purchase some off cuts in just the right size.

Good guys and i'd recommend a look at their website - sculptureanddesign.com - once it is back online. They do some bautiful work in many spheres. So, i need to break out the hacksaw, the drill and the ruler. Oh, and the elbow grease.

Todays recipe? an addition to any southern USA meal - Okra in tomato and tabasco. Chop onion finely, fry in olive oil add a tin of tomatoes, and a tablespoon of tabasco. Some salt and pepper wouldn't be amiss. Meanwhile, boil some trimmed okra for 10 mins then rinse and add to the tomato mix. Layer some Manchego, cheddar (mild) and mozarella on top and grill until the cheese has browned in patches. This recipe is adapted from Lupe Pinto's cook book which if i havent mentioned before is a MUST.

What else?

A fat tyred bike project begins...i'll no doubt go into this more deeply as it happens.


Nick said...

So far I have never eaten anything containing Okra tat couldn't be improved by leaving out the Okra.

dRjON said...

i knwo what you're saying. this might be that thing...OR deep fried battered okra. really.

Alex said...

Nice compilation....check out Peter Dolving at 3:30


Nick said...

deep fried OKRA sounds like some hellish Southern States/Glaswegian car crash cookery