Monday, October 17, 2011

Updates, sort of...

I've been using blogger for some time is inevitable that you start to mess around with the html as you go along. Add a widget here, re-space the content there, add a flickr link etc etc.

I don't know if blogger has thrown the toys out the pram, or whether the mess i made in there was just too much, but recently lots of things haven't been working out. Links and past entires were somewhat penitently buried under the main text and the links were getting unwieldy at best.

So, i tried to do some sorting out and hey presto! everything went sideways.


So here you have my, at best, temporary fix. It may well last long enough to become otherwise. It is 'dynamic' apparently, but lacks links and other widgets...not sure how much that matters or an opinion? Do play around with the layout options if you like.

Meanwhile, i'm collecting my thoughts after a rather messy 'cross's a pic of my most important fan in the mean time

Currently, i am listening to: Talkdemonic - thank you Mr Vernor.

1 comment:

Nige said...

Hi Dr Jon,

Wonder if you'd mind tellin me about the ENVE wheels set up your running and if there clinchers or tubulars?

What do you reckon to the rims -are they strong enough for hard general / long distance vent riding

Cheers Nige