Thursday, June 02, 2011

Ding a ding dang.

Here we go again... I leave shortly for Bristol Bike Fest - another 12 hour race. Hopefully i will do the new VC Moulin colours proud, but there has been a woeful dearth of riding. Infact, the only ride on a mtb recently led to me highsiding off a narrow cliff edge trail. I'd spotted this line across the top of a stepped edge, which led under the leaves of a tree. What i wasn't expecting was the 8" diameter stout branch in those leaves. Needless to say, i nutted it, stopped dead and the bike keeled over with me on it. Unfortunately to my left was a 6 foot drop, with a 45 degree slope about 3 feet long, leading to another 6 foot drop, another 3 foot/45 degree slope and then a 12 foot drop to the ground below.

Landing on one's head after a fall of around 9 feet isn't good, but if one has to do it, i don't recommend following it straight up with a further 6 foot drop. Fortunately i came to a shuddering halt before the longest drop.

I *did* get some good riding in, and although a little sore and stiff, i know i will at least enjoy the singletrack of Ashton Court. The Vertigo is laughably competent as a singlespeed. I will also come back to how good the new xtr xc pedals are. Although i'll miss my girls, it will be nice to escape the incessant rain that, over the last month, has taken the trails and turned them to mush. Long live long rides in bright sunshine. More when i get back.


Nick said...

Ach stop your whinging

dRjON said...

thats not scotland, is it? :-)~

Nick said...


That's my current and looking like future location.

Not so good for epic rides as the Lake District or Yorkshire Dales, but pisses over them both for wooded singletrack. Would you credit I've even considered a fat tyred woods bike for some of the sandy trails.

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