Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Full throttle.

Within the space of a few days things seemed to have flipped from all talk/no action to all action/no talk.

Promise to get some beefier updates up here shortly, but in the meantime i'm going to leave you with this image of my new jersey.

I guess it means i am the British and European 12 hour singlespeed champ (after this weekends 12/24 hrs of exposure) and despite the fact that most of the big guns were shooting for the 24 hour title, i'm pretty damn pleased. Especially as Morvelo did such a good job on the design...a full report will be up on VC Moulin shortly.

In saying that, i was probably more pleased to get home and give my wee girl a hug...2 days away was a long time.


feelquine said...

Fantastic effort! Hope Daisy gave you big hugs.

Shaggy said...

Well done dude. Super proud of you.

Anonymous said...

But singlespeed is a
bike not a race category...

Gender | Age | Gearing

Choose two

chrisD said...

an almighty grr. good to see those big pistons pumping again.

grant said...

And the pistons were pumping like feck.

The only time I saw the good Dr during the race was in the distance, powering up the final climb like a machine while I was going in the other direction.

Again, well done.

Anonymous said...

think the before and after photos tell their own story!!! Very well done.

Anonymous said...

Well done.

Good to see a real SS race :)


rickyd said...