Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Black Owls

It is not often that a singlespeeding musician saves your life, but it happened to me in Rotorua, prior to the singlespeed worlds.

Dave Butler, gracious and talented vocalist and drummer of the Black Owls pressed a copy of his band's new album into my hand, with a nod and a wink i *knew* he knew i had driven from Aukland in a rental with nothing other than the radio to listen to. Sometimes that can be good, but in New Zealand, well, not so much. As i say, he saved my life: June '71 is a great album.

The Black Owls rock. That is all you need to know. I would *highly* recommend picking their albums up....its easy to download, or get from Amazon, but id recommend buying a physical copy - the art work is superb....

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Col said...

one word - thanks! - these guys might have escaped my life if I hadn't read your post, great stuff.