Saturday, April 24, 2010


So we were talking about Lake Garda the other night. I'm not sure this vid shows the best riding there, but it aint bad...

Lake Garda Springtime Riding from Marco Toniolo on Vimeo.


kanak said...

Hi M/J, Like your pics of the cassette. I have just got some Phil cogs for my fixed gear and they are v nice. Not sure why I'm telling you but thought you'd like to hear. The Phil hubs are rather sweet too. Wanna see some pics?

b.asti said...

cool vid. the whole time I was thinking, why this songs sounds alot like Led Zep. But in the end i read its the black crowes. So nothing to wonder about. ,-)

You should definitly try some alpine riding this the vertigo. I´m sure, it ´ll be great on trail like that. Even my little wheeled allmountain hardtail is a blast on trails like that.