Sunday, November 08, 2009

750g from 900g.

So, after a flurry of wheel building, i now have dropped 150 g from the front wheel on the cross bike, and 135g from the rear. stan's 355 29 rims (thanks raoul), to dt revo with alloy nips stuck in place with loctite, and a dt 340 front hub (centrelock) and a 240 ss rear.

Sweet. Rimstrips are Ritchey.

They were hard to build so that the tension average wasn't exceeded (80kgf with less than 10% variation)...i always tend to build to a much higher tension than that....We'll see how they last.


Chipps said...

Are you going to run them tubeless then?

dRjON said... was sort of part of the plan....

davechopoptions said...

Wooooaaahhh - you'll be telling me you're running hydro brakes next. ;-)