Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Full write up when i get decent access on VC Moulin. No legs. Dust. 10.46 and disappointed. Legs empty. Bike and wheels asking for a better pilot.

Compadres Buck, Mike Ramponi and Ferrari ROCKED IT.



funk said...

sounds like you rocked it too. hugs

Chipps said...

18.45 - that's what I'd be doing it in, so big up yerself!

Looking forward to hearing the tales of hills and pain.

martysavalas said...

chin up bro.

focussing on one event sucks. i'mm gonna spread myself thin next year...

Anonymous said...

On the up side you got to ride your bike all day long. And it probably did not rain.

I have found a good bully tactic - more laterer.


Anonymous said...

Focusing on sucking is an event.
Gonna spread myself wide next year.

Nick said...




I bet there were no midges either you git

grant said...

Wait? A hilly hundred mile race in 10:46?

That doesn't fit in with my definition of failure so accept the fact that you actually did well, alrighty.


Buck said...

You traveled huge to get there, rode a bit the days before, drank your fair share (and maybe more). Finished I think that sounds like a win to me.

The weather is great in Denver, see you in Durango.
We'll bring the guacamopey.

trina said...

lots of midges there Nick - my legs look like a join the dots puzzle