Saturday, August 01, 2009

I miss crying's game.

There was a time, there, when crying was a daily or at least weekly occurrence. Nowadays, it never really threatens. I miss it you know. The outpouring of emotion, even if it is in confined and personal circumstances, is cathartic. Cleansing. I wait for it and it never comes. Death. Sadness, add layers and layers of hardship. No. I have been bled dry.

And i feel this. I feel the damage. Whereas i used to have an uncommon connection - now i have a barrier. Maybe it protects me, but i'm not sure i want sheltered. Is the damage i sustained too heavy to 'keep calm and carry on' or do i have to balance sense with weakness and somehow come out of it all able to move on. Who knows...

Late night ramblings fed with alcohol are never worthy of too much introspection.

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martysavalas said...

shield, not barrier. more warrior-like.