Monday, July 13, 2009

Shoe goo.

What do you do if you rip the sole off your cycling shoes?

After a wee bit of reading around, and a swift amazon purchase, i used some shoe goo, and with the help of my trusty mole grips, my sidis are back in business.


Trail_rat said...

got a photo of you from kirroughtree if you want it. - noticed you mumping at the extortionate prices xpresswanted !

I was the geezer that shouted smile as you were leaving transisition.

just fire an email my way and ill return the photo

dave (chops optional) said...

Shoe Goo eh?

Takes me back to '86 and the scuffing flatland tricks of the era wearing my Vans out quicker than I could afford to replace them. Shoe Goo was my saviour.

Right - I'm off to re-live my youth with some Fire Hydrants to Funky Chickens.

martysavalas said...

shoe goo was for grommets. ollie flaps for the win. :)