Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Starting something new.

Did a preliminary session with andy c at the dept of sports and exercise science at glasgow university. He is looking into preparation of the bodies system to take on prolonged high-power output exercise. Think bradley wiggins, and you will get where this is aimed.

The initial test is seemingly innocuous. 2 sets of 4 minute warm up followed by big ring high resistance sprinting for 60 seconds, with a small step down in resistance about half way through. Ouch.

There will be some interventions in the last 3 of 5 days, so we'll see. Today i was putting out 1000 watts for short bursts, then reducing to pedaling like a pile driver. Ugly. Still.

Here we have my latest work in micro fabrication. Its a (da da daaahhhhhhh!) second seatpost clamp. Why? well riding fixed means sitting down a lot and pummelling the seat post. At my weight, this leads to the post eventually slipping. So, i decided to cut down a metal seat post shim, and fit a second seatpost clamp above the one that is normally there. My calculations were a tiny bit out and i had to file off the rim of the new clamp as it was slightly deeper than the shim thickness. 5 minutes work with a file and some neatening up, and deburring, and its on. Hopefully it will add just enough so that the 'post doesnt sink. We'll see.

And remember kids, in a world gone mad with greed and selfishness, we are all just a small step away from evil.


Cellarrat said...

get a thomson sp and a salsa seat clamp all well be right in the world!

dRjON said...

tried that! :-/~ the thomsons i have had all seem a little undersized, and the salsa qr i have always seems to need a little twist on the 3mm bolt to really snug it....maybe the salsa clamp is better...will look into it if this doesnt work...cheers!

Alex said...

Try a Surly constrictor...super big bolt for extra torque!

I have found Thomson's to be at the lower limits of tollerance.

The trick to riding fixed off road? Thudbuster ST, as used by Team Dicky and, err, me. Super tight tollerance on post diameter too!


Shaggy said...

I'd second the comments on the Surly clamp. Got a spare one here if you want a go Jon?

Nick said...

As a serial seatpost slipper I might try that. (Kore post/Spot collar here).