Sunday, May 18, 2008


Ok, im going to get all Heston Blumenthal on you. Recently, i have had one or two poor bloody mary's. So has trina. It is a drink close to my heart, and as such i have been working long and hard to mix what i consider to be the best. I know g-funk has been doing the same. Over the last few months i have hit upon what i consider to be my quintessential 'mary, and in the spirit of hemingway (who was a great fan of the bloody mary) i want to share the recipe with you. Bear in mind this was not initially made by measurements. The measurements are represenatations of a free form cocktail mixing style.

Organic lemon and lime
clamato (or, tomato juice)
stolichnaya vodka
lea and perrins worcestershire sauce

Mix 350ml of clamato with 100ml of vodka over 4-5 cracked ice cubes in a cocktail shaker. Ideally the vodka should be frozen and the clamato refrigerated.
Add the juice of half a lemon, seeds and all.
Add 25 ml of lea and perrins, then 5ml of tabasco.


Let stand.

Cut a quarter lime and squeeze into a highball glass.

Shake the shaker. Think like tom cruise for just a second. Gurn a little.

Pour into the glass - take a deep breath and be transported into a brave new world.


weasel said...

sounds good! coincidentally there is a fanta-ish drink here called trina :D

Anonymous said...

come south and do it for me x

steve garro said...

also like just a TINY dash of horseradish, but that sounds right on - to make it a full-on meal just add a celery stick and 3-4 cooked, chilled shrimp on a skewer......mmmmmmmm......steve.

Alex said...

I have never tried a BM but after reading that I might give it a go (sans celery+shrimps!)


mr hemingway said...

don't forget to hold back the ice cubes. nothing worse than a watery BM.

dRjON said...

shit! yes, shake up and strain!

Raoul M said...

Oooh no celery salt, controversial, an absoloute must I reckon.