Saturday, October 06, 2007


So all the prep was in vain. First cross race tomorrow. I have a beautiful Mt Nittany wheelworks kit courtesy of jim and the guys at the shop to race in, and i have the worst cold i have had for 3 years. I slammed in the vitamin c and echinacea and had so many early nights this week and i still feel like i have been hit by a truck and i cant breathe through my 'node....

Anyways, whining aside i'm going to give'er my best shot. So peebles it is.

Today, a rugby match or two and the urban downhill in edinburgh...ace.


chris said...


It certainly was'nt cold at Peebles today. Noooo sireee. Melting hot [thats 19deg.C incase any non-scots are reading this and wondering...] and sunny. I had to stop and strip down to just a shortsleeve top [and roubaix 3/quarters & baggies, but anyhoo...]

Mr Wardman marked out an ace course by the Rugby club - pretty classic stuff with long gently climbing grassyness and wicked off camber turns that would have been 100% of teflon death had it rained. Thankfully it was dry and [are you sitting down?] dusty! The Creebers effortlessly launched off into the distance with 1&2 Mr Nimmo 3rd and you'll have to wait for a report on singletrack for the rest. GWS.

- Chris.

Marty said...

19C? oof!

seem to recall it was 6C at the first round (Townhill) last year...