Thursday, August 24, 2006

Too much life, too little vicariousness

First pics of my IF (many thanks to Tim @ for the frame and my lovely wife for the photos). It is spectacular, as you'd expect .

Just back from the SSWC in Stockholm. Pics and thoughts to come. The news is: Scotland 07.

Still needing to jot down some thoughts on equipment used this year. Highlights include the Wingnut Assault, and Pearl Izumi Gel Gloves.

As far as big races, that is me done for the year. Hoping for some extended overnight rides and some slow, technical, pine scented days.

Also look out for a tyre review on

1 comment:

shop manager said...

You do realise that supension forks negate the need for gel gloves.... while also affording you better control? ;-)

Dropouts are awfy pretty...