Monday, February 27, 2006

Sometimes things just don't work out...

All set to ride today. Apart from a 6 hour ride immediately on returning from holiday, which left me cabbaged, there has been precious little. Despite a nightmare of my own making - not once, but 4 times - I got away with a few minor tasks to do to get the bike running. New chainring (Boone, so sweet); new brake pads; new chain; change over tyres to fatter ones (IRC Mythos).

So got started. Chainring bolts too long. Use spare (alloy, eep!) female sections. Fit tyres. Fit chain, then had to shorten (bah!) then try to get brake pads in. 1 to 3 all good, but the fourth just wont go in. Try another. Nope. File, clean, file and lightly oil the back. Now stuck 3/4 in.

Meanwhile the rain is beating down harder and harder. Water is running off the hillside.

I just can't do this.

Back in car. Tail between legs, head in the bad place. Drive home. 3 traffic jams over the seventy miles for 4 cars which obviously decided to re-acquaint with the fields more intimately, some even on their roofs.

Home finally. Bloody Mary. Pantera, the noise in my head is fading - just...

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