Monday, January 23, 2006


Whilst riding recently in a fairly well used area, complete with a network of man made trails, I happened upon a dark, loamy sliver of a trail. I followed it through a tree break for a few yards. This led me to a junction with another trail. Clearly for bikes. Steep, slick as snot, roots, rocks, planks with chicken wire and precious little trail-sanitation. So of course I followed it to the top and rode down. Sort of. I slipped, scraped banged balanced, clenched and careered down. I landed on my head and may have broken my helmet. I slammed into the back of the saddle. I twisted and wrestled the bars relentlessly.

And, I got to the bottom.

Wow. Its been a while since I have ridden a trail like that. No prisoners taken. Sometimes you need trails like that. The sort that takes commitment to commence and if you can make them every time there is a major problem with your terrain.

I'll sleep easy tonight.


marty said...

and you just thought we built braking bumps at that place! ;)

started 5th April 2003. finished(ish) Summer 2005

dRjON said...

giggle. nice bumps though, nice and sharp. any toots on the way home last night for scitching?

Anonymous said...

Ah... you found it then?

: )