Monday, December 19, 2005

Missing in action

Some more words about tyres. Changed out the WTB Exiwolfs for the Continental Vapor ProTection today. Conti list them as 790 grams which I suspect (for once) is overstating the case. Speedgoat get them at 590 grams which the hairy-hand scale would agree with.

How do they feel? F A S T. Very. Joyfully responsive. Good grip, even on wet roots. Tend to let go on small wet stones and when in hard fast off-camber cornering situations. But it is very predictable indeed. Rolling resistance seems almost non existent. Clean while rotating well, too. Bad sides? Well, they are very narrow and small in terms of casing. This drops wheel overall diameter and shock absorption. They may well lead to more pinch flats, but we'll see. Wrists can take a little battering.

Overall? LOVE them. To bits. Are they better than IRC Mythos II? Jury is out. They may be. But they are not as big.

They are staying put for winter though.

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steveM said...

John, been using the Bonty Jones on my Spot 29er, nice and stable, quite large volume, cheap (£17.99) but seem to wear quite fast, I used the Conti's at SSMM this year and they were great for that mudfest