Thursday, October 06, 2005


I got a new moby/cell phone at the week end. I was in Edinburgh visiting my folks, had some good food, got beaten up by my niece. All good.

The phone. I think I have worked out what my favorite thing about it is. It is a Samsung, and the charger is shaped... *exactly* like Slave 1, Boba Fett's space ship in Star Wars.



Anonymous said...

The Mullahs are Hip to Blogs
Apparently the Iranian Government is tuned into the travel blogosphere. I use Google Alert to keep tabs on when my stories or interviews are showing up in the media.
Hey I really like your blog I came across it randomly one day and luckily I bookmarked it so I've come back many times since. If you have time please stop by my site. (gotta get a plug in right? lol) You can find direct tv dsl at See? That was painless eh? lol

Steve said...

hey Jon, how you doin ?, Chris rode really well at the 3 Peaks despite what he'll have told you.

Just came across this from your MTBR handle and will keep it in favourites, you should get yourself over on Cheeky sometime